NPF Wins War

Hey Troops!

It turns out we lost one server but gained two!

We won Snow Drift and Outback.

We lost Tundra, because BB and RPF saw that we had it and went KABOOM!

We also have a new CEO, Srivo!

Srivo has always done good in all of his armies. (IW, UMA, and now NPF!)

When you’re CEO that means you try to get us servers. (Not attacking them)

-President Champ-


War Rescheaduled

UPDATE – Uniforms have changed due to the new items!

UPDATE – Be at the NPF chat and Snow Drift, Forest as soon as possible!

Hey Everyone…

Sorry that I couldn’t make the war yesterday.

Well, since I didn’t have any proof that we won the war, I’m maknig it tommorrow.

Remember the new time is 8:00 Club Penguin time.

Servers we’re attacking are…

Snow Drift

Christmas (Not Attacking…)


That will be the same order!

Also, remember Crystal is our current main server!

Comment if you’re coming to the war tommorrow! (December 13th)

-President Mrchamp2-

War Today

Hey NPF troops.

Today NPF is going to declare war to the following servers at 2:15 Club Penguin time.

Snow Drift



We will be attacking those servers in that order.

The only reason we’re declaring war is that we need more servers!

We only have Tundra, Sleet, and Frosty.

Also, if you haven’t figured out that Tundra is our main server, now you know!

-President Mrchamp2-

NPF Wins Parka!

Hey NPF troops!

Today, NPF got there second server!

This was a very big suprise to a lot of people because Parka was IW’s server!

Just so you know, IW is the second biggest army is Club Penguin.

I also knew people wouldn’t think a new army would win against them.

That’s when I took pictures.

IW – Blue NPF – Red Black Empire – Grey


After awhile, the Black Empire found out about this war.


That’s all for now!


-Mrchamp2, NPF Leader-